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Q2Q is a fast-growing IT company with a difference. The business offers B2B IT services to SMEs across the UK. With a plain speaking, no-jargon approach, the business has been able to attract high profile clients such as Lyle & Scott, to its IT support, strategy and software services.

With new products being developed, Q2Q approached us to become their design partner in refreshing the brand identity and website.

The vibrant identity is simple but flexible, with a fresh colour palette and rounded appearance to accompany the Q2Q wordmark and chip icon.

Q2Q logo
Screenshot of Q2Q Sofia
Various versions of Q2Q Logo
Q2Q Brochure
Q2Q Logo Icon Q2Q Brochure Front Cover
Q2Q Sofia Brochure Pages
Q2Q Business Cards


Following the success of the Q2Q brand, Factored undertook a comprehensive redesign of the Q2Q website. Focusing on simplicity, we designed an interface that funnels attention towards Q2Q products and services.

Q2Q Website - Sofia Page
Q2Q Website - Homepage
Q2Q Website - Support Page
Q2Q Website - About Q2Q Page